Monday, February 25, 2013


Total Penny Count: 61

I have exactly one special talent: I find lucky pennies.

I don’t mean that I find lucky pennies every once in a while.  I mean that I find them a lot.  Like, at least once a week.

Sometimes, I find more than one penny at a time.  For example, last week, I found 61 pennies.  All at one time.

My talent wouldn’t be so special except for one thing…. Every time I find a penny, something good happens. And, not like a little thing, but a really good thing. 

For example, one time I found ten pennies. The next day, I found my new home with an incredible view of the lake, which I never dreamed would be possible.

Another time, I found three pennies and the next day, I got exactly three new client projects.

And another time, I found a one Euro coin!  Later that afternoon, I lost my cell phone in Barcelona, but lucked out because someone found it and returned it to me.

So, you can imagine how I must have felt when I found the 61 pennies.   Whoaaaa!!!

If I didn’t know there was a wishing well down the street, I would have skipped back home, but I realized that the pennies were probably taken from the wishing well.  There was no way I could keep the wishes of 61 people, so that night I took the pennies to the well. 

As luck would have it, I found yet another penny on the sidewalk while walking home from the wishing well.  In fact, I have found four more pennies since I found the 61 pennies last week. 

With all those pennies, I kept expecting something good to happen.  But, nothing!

I love making connections and meaning out of the most mundane things, like the pennies. For me, it makes life fun, but I was starting to get really annoyed because nothing good was happening, ….and after all those pennies!

And today, it finally dawned on me. 

In the last month, I’ve been so focused on work and business and results and doing and getting things done and schedules and agendas and timeframes and proposals and meetings and presentations and phone calls and deliverables and outcomes and on and on and on and on….. that I had lost my sense of wonder.

Luckily…. It seems it just found me.

© 2013 Lisa Ann Edwards