Saturday, June 22, 2013

Oh, Summer

              Photo credit: Patrizia Saolini

Oh Summer,
You make me feel dumber.

‘Cuz when you’re in the air,
I haven’t got a care.

It’s your sunshine haze,
Lulls me in your gentle, warm daze.

Dreams of watermelon slice,
Or a juicy tomato, diced.

With your sunscreen smell,
That my nose knows so well,

Life feels grand,
And toes are diggin' the sand.

Watchin’ kite boarders sailin', oh
My mellow mood’s prevailin’.

Now, the music keeps blarin’
And, I don’t care who’s starin’.

‘Cuz your big waves are callin’
So, I’d better stop stallin’.

It's time to get my prize,
Of your dizzy, giddy high.

And then, oh! I remember,
How the story does end here:

A fated ocean water slurp,
Followed by a saltwater burp.

© 2013 Lisa Ann Edwards