Saturday, November 19, 2011

the adventurer

november 2011
lisa ann edwards

just think......

i could have stayed in iowa.
i wouldn't be forced to sell my home when i really didn't want to
i wouldn't be looking for work, clients and more business
i wouldn't have had to travel so much, spending time tired, jet-lagged and hungry
i wouldn't have had to feel the pressure and stress of rehearsing my message for a few hundred people
i wouldn't have to work so very hard to keep up with too many friends located all over the world
i wouldn't have had to listen to people facing huge problems, coaching them through difficult change
i wouldn't have had to sit at the computer for hours on end to turn in a manuscript on time
i wouldn't have to be ever distracted by the view of the lake, the birds, the flowers and the sky
and, i wouldn't be sitting here now with too many options and far too many decisions to make.

i'd be watching the game on TV
and my home would be paid for.


  1. i guess i should comment on this. :) i'm selling my home and leaving my job at the end of the year. it's all good.... a little crazy... but good. ;)

  2. I found my folder from your class I took years ago ... and was so thrilled to see how much my life has changed since then ... thanks for helping me map out my wants and pursue my desires ... probably time to do it again. I hope your next adventure is a good one.

  3. Thank you for this, Stephanie!.... it's so nice to read that you are living life to the fullest... it's a testimony to your own clarity about your desires and your courage and persistence to move towards them. warm wishes, lisa

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